1974 marked the start point of Abu Afif Sweets. Founder, Mounir Jamal (1929-1980) with his eloquent experience in oriental sweets decided to open a small shop in Al-Adhamiyah, a neighborhood in the east-central district of the city of Baghdad, Iraq.
The late Mounir Jamal was one of the first to introduce “Znoud el sit” to Iraq among other products. After demand increased,
many other products were introduced that we are famous for to this day. His aim was to produce delicious, authentic oriental sweets; 4 decades later his mission carries on.

After the passing of the founder Mounir Jamal,  his two sons Afif and Nabil continued the mission of Abu Afif Sweets. In 1983 they expanded to a larger shop in Karrada, Baghdad where they continued on serving top of the line quality. Their passion and persistence for excellence led Abu Afif Sweets to become one of the most distinguished and prestigious pastry establishments in Iraq.


Throughout the years Abu Afif Sweets expanded to serve a wider array of people.

To help facilitate our expansion in retail points in the region, with worldwide delivery service available with DHL.

In 2016 a production facility has opened in Lebanon that has implemented food safety system ISO (22000:2005).

In 2013 Abu Afif Sweets opened selling points in Baghdad International Airport and Basra International Airport.

In 2010 a branch was opened in Al-Mansour District, Baghdad.

In 2005 expansions reached Northern Iraq where Abu Afif Sweets currently operates two branches in Erbil and one branch in Sulaymaniyah.