Shipping / Delivery

Express Delivery covers mostly all countries, except Palestinian Territories.
We use DHL Express Service to be delivered on your doorstep on all International destinations. For Lebanon we use Aramex.
We will ship the next day if orders received before 12 PM Beirut Time. Excluding Sundays.
You may expect to have your order delivered from 3-5 business days.
Please visit, Delivery is available nationwide.
Cash on delivery. We accept Iraqi dinar or US dollars. In case you choose to pay with IQD, the exchange rate of that day will be applied.
There are no weight restrictions except in Europe, the weight limit is set for 5 KG Gross weight. If you want to order more we advise splitting your order into 5 KG increments, considering the Gross weight of products chosen that is available in the description of each item.

Some countries might impose a custom tax, which neither is DHL or Abu Afif Sweets is responsible for. Please check with local customs concerning taxes on online orders.

As soon as an order is confirmed you will receive an email containing details about your purchase.
After confirming your order, you will receive an email containing a tracking number which you can use on for international orders. For Lebanon, you can use: For Iraq Please contact El Ryan's customer service number on 80010808 (toll-free) or 07828888828. For any reason you did not receive your tracking number on the provided email please feel free to contact us on