Mann Wa Salwa

Manna also named (Gazzo, Min al sima, Man wa Salwa) is a natural honey-like sap that is collected from the Northern part of Iraq, it has been mentioned in all Abrahamic religions as food fallen on the believers in the dessert.

The sap hardens like a rock, and is shipped in its pure form to our factories and broken down and cleaned from any impurities to be added to our mixture of natural ingredients to form a soft nougat mixed with nuts. The dessert has been a tradition in the region for many centuries. Bought as gifts during holidays and celebrations.

Our founders have produced Min Al Sima for many years using original recipes, pieces of manna covered in flour, as a traditional way to keep the pieces apart.

We also have developed new ways to keep the same flavors by wrapping each piece individually, which helps our customers who buy them as gifts for travels without the extra weight.

You can try our variety of this unique dessert with worldwide delivery!

Check out our video explaining Man wa Salwa production process